aBit Sherig

aBitSherig is an online school management system developed from the core with the Bhutanese schools in mind. It’s a cloud-based system designed by our young Bhutanese team at aBit Private Limited to simplify school management in Bhutan.

Information System

Schools can maintain Students, Parents, Teachers details in a single platform. Get details at a single click

Result System

Subject teachers enters their respective marks and the system computes the result automatically. Schools can display the results online.

Event Calendar

Schools can maintain private and public events so that all teachers, students and parents gets notified

Lesson Plan

Teachers can submit lesson plans online and get approved online by the respective authorities.


Teachers can add online assignments and projects to the students online


Grade your students on disciplinary actions.

We have other modules like User access control, Attendance, Transfer certificate, custom reports and we are always working on adding more.