Help & Support

Free Products:

Student Directory: Fetch details of the student (Add/Edit/Remove).
Teacher Directory: Fetch details of the Faculty (Add/Edit/Remove).
Parent Directory: Fetch details of the Parent (Add/Edit/Remove).
Result Declaration: Calculate, Print, View student Result.

Paid Products:

Events Calendar (Live): Create edit and comment on the different school events.
Attendance (Live): Track the details of the student and teachers taking leave. Apply for leave.
Messages/Notifications (Live): Effective communication between administrator, principals, teachers, students and parents.
Lesson Plan: (Live): Plan a lesson for your students. approve and comment on the plans.
Discipline (Live): Register a complaint on a student. Take actions such as give comments and feedback.

Library Management (coming soon): View/Edit/Delete/Add books. Filter books. manage issued books.
Discussion/Forum (coming soon): Create forums on various topics. Public and Private. comment and review.
Timetable (coming soon): View, Create teacher's timetable. Conflict warnings if the same teacher assigned with another class for the same period.

New - New Message

Read - Message Read

Sent - Message Deleted

Deleted - Other status

Faculty : The Faculty registers and the the principal activates the account. An Email will be sent to the Faculty after the user is activated.

Principal : The Principal Creates the School and the Administrator activates the principal account. An Email will be sent to the principal after the he/she is activated.

Parents : The parent selects the school, adds student id and date of birth to verify the student. The Principal then activates the parents after verifying the user details. An Email will be sent to the parent after the he/she is activated. One parent per student.

New - Student is added but not assigned to any class.

Enrolled - Student is currently enrolled to a particular class.

Promoted - Student is promoted and is ready to enroll to a new class.

Assigned - Student is assigned to a new class.

Transferred - Transferred to a different School.

Failed - Failed in the current session. Student is detained in the current class

Expelled - Expelled due to Bad Behaviour. Comments included.

Left the School - Left the School due to personal reasons. Comments included.

Other - Any other status.